January 18, 2022

New Citation Arraignment Options

Traffic Court Information  

Arraignments Only

Please consider using the new program for reduction of fines without having to make a Court appearance.  You may be able to reduce your fines, take traffic school, show proof of correction and resolve your case without having to attend a Traffic Court hearing.   Follow the link below under “Reduction of Fine Without a Court Appearance, Resolution Program” to download a one page form to complete and send to the Traffic Court Clerk’s office.  You can mail it to 2260 Floyd Avenue, Modesto, CA 95355.  There is a 24-hour drop box available at this location, if you prefer to drop it off.  

New Citation Arraignment Options Are Available:

  • Pay a Fine

    Once the Court has received your citation from the officer, you can go online to pay the fine on our website. A Traffic Court Reminder Notice will be sent to you with your bail amount and appearance date.  If the Court is still closed on the appearance date, please return to this website to pay or to participate in a resolution program for reduction of fine without a Court appearance. You may also mail payments or drop payments in the drop box located at the Traffic Court location listed at the top of this page.  

  • Reduction of Fine Without a Court Appearance, Resolution Program (One Page Form)

    You may participate in a resolution program for a significant reduction of fines without a court appearance, submit proof of correction and request traffic school if you are eligible.  There is no need to personally appear in order to take advantage of this option.  Your case must be timely, and not on a failure to appear status to be eligible for this program.  Download the form at: https://www.stanct.org/sites/default/files/Request_for_Reduction_of_Fine_Order_and_Instructions.pdf.  Submit your form for filing to the Traffic Clerk’s office at 2260 Floyd Avenue, Modesto, CA 95355, either by mail or drop box. You will receive a filed copy in the mail with your final bail amount due and your due date for payment and/or your traffic school completion due date.

  • Request a Trial or Trial by Written Declaration:

    Please note that all in-person trials are currently suspended or continued to a future date due to the current public health situation.  Hearings will not be scheduled until after the suspension is lifted. 

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