May 8, 2021

Forms & Filing


Forms are either state forms, local forms, or pleadings (forms you need to create on your own).  Sometimes it is easy to know what form to use, and other times you may need legal advice, which the Court cannot provide. You can get legal information from many self help resources to help you decide which forms to file, but this does not replace the value of the personalized legal advice of an attorney.  Visit the Self Help Center page for more information and availability of free & low cost legal services.

STATE FORMS: Most forms used at court are state forms and are on the State Judicial Council website On the state form website, you can view forms listed by number or by name, or you can use the dropdown menu to select a form group by topic, such as Small Claims.  You can download the forms to fill out by hand or online. All Judicial Council forms are available on the Administrative Office of the Courts website. In addition, you may now fill in the forms and print them from the website.

Online Judicial Council Forms 

LOCAL FORMS: In addition to forms approved by the State Judicial Council, the Stanislaus County Superior has approved a variety of forms, some of which are fillable, giving you a larger selection of forms to assist you. Some commonly used state and local forms have also been grouped together in "packets" with instruction sheets.

 PLEADINGS: If there is no state or local forms for the document you need to file, you will have to create the document on what is referred to as “Pleading Paper.”  For help with creating a pleading visit the Self Help Center web page or visit the Stanislaus County Law Library.
There are filing fees for some forms and the fee will be required at the time of filing unless you qualify for a Fee Waiver which is a State Form.  

Statewide Judicial Branch Fee Schedule 

Stanislaus County Superior Court Fee Schedule





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