May 16, 2022


You can begin the E-filing process for Civil, Criminal, Family Law, Unlawful Detainer, and Small Claims cases by clicking the link to our new Portal below:


General user information:

1. If a case type or filing code is not visible, please reach out to your eFiling Service Provider (EFSP) to confirm that the vendor has the most current data.
2. Please add party names in ALL CAPS.
3. Please do not add any document descriptions.
4. Please do not add "dba" to party names.  The clerk will add the dba to the case management system.
5. If cases are consolidated, you must E-file into the lead (primary) case number.
6. When submitting a first paper for multiple parties, the document will need to be submitted in separate envelopes for each party.  Currently, filing fees can only be assessed to one party per envelope.
7. Each fileable document needs to be submitted as a separate lead document.  Please do not add any documents as attachments.
8. As of 7/23/20, the court is informed that the only EFSP available for Criminal fIlings is Odyssey eFileCA.

The following documents cannot be accepted via File and Serve at this time:

 Administrative Records or other lodged documents
 Affidavit re: Real Property of Small Value
 Appeals documents/filings
 Bench Warrant
 Certificate of Facts
 Citations to be issued by Probate
 Civil Pre-Trial Trial briefs
 Coordinated proceedings or filings on coordinated cases
 Copy or search requests including estate searches
 Coversheet / Declaration Re Covid-19 Related Financial Distress
 Domestic Violence Petitions
 Elder/Dependent Adult Abuse Petitions
 Ex Parte Communication
 Exemplification (Certificate of Authenticity)
 Guardianships with Temporary Orders
 Notice of Jury Fees cannot be filed pursuant to California Rules of Court 3.250.
 Order to Show Cause re: Contempt
 Original Will
 Out of State Commissions
 Request for Orders with Temporary Orders or Requests for Order Shortening Time (Family Law)
 Request to Continue Hearings and related proposed Orders (FL-306, FL-307, DV-115 & DV-116)
 Stipulation and Order to ADR (STAN-100)
 Subpoenas for Out of State Actions

 Please Note:   Jury fees are located in Optional Services and are only accepted if they are submitted in conjunction with a document filing. 

Probate Estates/Trust cases:

1. Add the names of the Trustor, Petitioner and/or Trustee.
2. Do not add beneficiaries.
3. When a Petition for Probate of Will is e-Filed, a copy of the will must be submitted with a coversheet and the original will must be delivered to the Clerk’s Office no later than 3 weeks before the hearing.  Failure to deliver the original will to the clerk’s office may result in your petition hearing being continued or dismissed.

Last updated: April 14, 2022 9:15 AM