April 12, 2021

Criminal Forms

Judicial Council forms can be found on the website for the Judicial Council of California at http://www.courts.ca.gov/forms.htm.

Form # Form Download
CR-20 Application for Real Property Bond Download
Form Blue Claim form 2016 Download
CR-02 Case Calendar Request Form Download
CR-22 Deed of Trust Download
CR-20INFO Deposit of Real Estate Equity Download
Plea Form Domestic Violence Plea Form and Waiver of Rights Download
Plea Form DUI Plea Form Download
CR-24 Full Reconveyance Download
Plea Form Misdemeanor Plea Form Download
CR-23 Order Approving Real Property Bonds Download
PKT Petition for Certificate of Rehabilitation and Pardon Packet with Info Sheet Download
PKT Petition for Dism/Relief 1203.4 Packet Download
CR-21 Real Property Bonds - Promissory Note Download
PKT 987 Requests for Funds for Experts and Investigators Packet Download
Form Research Request Form Download