January 18, 2022

Court Transcript Requests

Standard requests - send email to Heidi.scott@stanct.org.  Please include the following information in the email:  Case name, case number, date of proceeding, the judge's name who presided over the hearing, and the name of the Reporter who reported the matter as indicated on the minute order.

Expedited requests – call the court reporters office at 209-530-3105, providing the same information as a standard request. 

Please Note: Court files and minute orders will contain this information and must be provided to obtain transcripts. Reporters are unable to research files to obtain this information and the information must be provided by the party requesting the transcript. The exact date of the proceedings being requested is required to locate the records.

The following types of matters are not reported and an official transcript is NOT available:  collections, unlawful detainers (landlord-tenant disputes), misdemeanor criminal matters and traffic.

Also NOT available: Confidential or juvenile proceedings, which require a signed order of the Court. 

A statutory charge to the reporter may be required before transcription. Please ask for an estimate in advance if you have a concern regarding costs.  A fee waiver does not apply to the costs of official transcripts.