July 22, 2017

Transfer Protocol Information

The following is information regarding transfer-in hearings and contact information for the clerks who handle these matters for our court (Delinquency and Dependency)

Our Juvenile Court is located at 2215 Blue Gum Avenue, Modesto, CA 95358

Juvenile Delinquency matters are heard:  Monday thru Friday @ 8:30am in Department 17

Juvenile Dependency matters are heard:  Monday thru Friday @ 8:30am in Department 18

Our Juvenile Division Clerks’ Office address is - 2215 Blue Gum Avenue, Room 15, Modesto, CA  95358


Stanislaus Superior





Juvenile Court Supervisor *Kathy Maderos Primary (209) 548-6313 Kathy.Maderos@stanct.org
Courtroom Clerk D-17 **Kristy Rodriguez Back-up (209) 548-6303 Kristy.Rodriguez@stanct.org
Courtroom Clerk D-18 **Monica Delgado Back-up (209) 548-6306 Monica.Delgado@stanct.org
Courtroom Clerk Sup. Patty Godfrey Back-up (209) 236-7973 Patty.Godfrey@stanct.org
Juvenile Lead Clerk *Lynne Herr Back-up (209) 548-6312 Lynne.Herr@stanct.org
Juvenile Lead Clerk *Nancy Phillips Back-up (209) 548-6308 Nancy.Phillips@stanct.org
Courtroom Clerk Sup. Paula Teixeira Back-up (209) 236-7952 Paula.Texeira@stanct.org
Courtroom Clerk Sup. Jennifer Yotsuya Back-up (209) 236-7974 Jennifer.Yotsuya@stanct.org


*Clerical staff located in Juvenile Clerk’s Office at Blue Gum address.

**Courtroom Staff located at Blue Gum address.

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