February 18, 2018

Judicial Calendar Assignments 2017



CONTACT: Ronna Uliana (209) 530-3111


The Superior Court of California, County of Stanislaus is pleased to announce the following leadership and assignment changes effective January 2017:


Presiding Judge Judge Ricardo Cordova
Asst. Presiding Judge Judge Dawna Reeves
Supervising Family Law Judge Jack Jacobson
Supervising Civil Judge Timothy Salter
Supervising Criminal Judge Thomas Zeff
Presiding Judge Juvenile Judge Ann Ameral


Department 1 Judge Dawna Reeves Criminal
Department 2 Judge Linda McFadden Criminal - Specialty Calendar
Department 3 Judge Marie Silveria Criminal
Department 4 Judge Rick Distaso Criminal
Department 5 Judge Thomas Zeff Criminal
Department 6 Judge Nancy Ashley Criminal
Department 7 Judge Scott Steffen Criminal
Department 8 Judge Ricardo Cordova Criminal
Department 9 Judge Robert Westbrook Criminal
Department 10 Judge Shawn Bessey Criminal
Department 11 Judge Alan Cassidy Family Law
Department 12 Judge TBD-Vacant Criminal Arraignments
Department 13 Judge Valli Israels Family Law
Department 14 Judge Jack Jacobson Family Law
Department 15 Commissioner Ken Hara Family Law - DCSS
Department 17 Judge Ruben Villalobos Juvenile Delinquency
Department 18 Judge Ann Ameral Juvenile Dependency
Department 19 Commissioner Jared Beeson Civil/Small Claims
Department 20 Commissioner Lynne Meredith Traffic
Department 21 Judge William Mayhew Civil
Department 22 Judge Timothy Salter Civil
Department 23 Judge John Freeland Civil
Department 24 Judge Roger Beauchesne Civil
Department 25 Judge Loretta Begen Family Law
Department 26 Assigned Judge Barbara Zúñiga Criminal

For inquiries please contact Ronna Uliana at 530-3111 or Ronna.Uliana@stanct.org.

For 2017 Judicial Assignments Official Release please click this link

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